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When it comes to managing the internet, we often think of one word: speed. When you want to check your email, watch a video or any other online activity, speed is needed for those tasks to be done without buffering and with as little lag time as possible. And now more than ever, internet speeds are increasing dramatically thanks to technological breakthroughs that make it easier and faster than ever before. Here’s a look at some of the most important things you should know about gigabit internet solutions — and why they’re beneficial not only for end users but for businesses as well.

·Faster is better when using services like video conferencing. Have you ever had an issue whereby trying to present something during a video conference was anything but a smooth experience? It may have been hard to understand the presenter because too many people are talking over them or taking too long for someone to type in something. Gigabit internet speeds can clear up those issues and make for a much better presentation from any part of the world, as long as you’re connected.

·Faster is better when dealing with data-heavy tasks. Have you ever tried uploading one big file and watched as your computer sat trying to process it for what seemed like forever? It’s especially frustrating when you have to wait for a time-sensitive task, such as sending out invoices. A gigabit internet connection can help clear up those problems by making it possible to upload files quickly without losing that responsiveness many online users are used to having.

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·Faster is better when working from remote locations. Do you work remotely for your employer? If so, you know how important it is to have a strong internet connection, no matter where you are, to do your job effectively. Gigabit Internet speeds could allow people who work remotely the same benefits traditional office workers have when getting work done. These speeds make it possible for any worker to be productive no matter where they are and help working professionals collaborate on projects and share information without having to wait for that file or message to be sent.

·Faster is better when giving presentations. Have you ever had the issue of someone talking over your presentation because you’re still sending out that file? Or maybe you’ve given up on trying to use a video or PowerPoint at all because of issues like lag or latency getting in the way? Gigabit internet speeds allow people who give presentations to do so without worrying about sound delay, poor connections, or other issues caused by slower speeds. These speeds can help make it possible for presenters to share information with larger audiences or other professionals in the same field without worrying about speed issues causing problems. Be sure to look into sites such as Positron Access Solutions ( to enjoy such services.

·Faster is better when downloading large files. Maybe you’ve tried downloading a series of large files but had to wait hours instead of just minutes because of the connection slowing down? Or maybe you just gave up on trying to download that one big file at all? With gigabit internet speeds, waiting long periods could become a thing of the past because downloads will be much faster than what people are used to today.

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The use of gigabit internet solutions means users will get more done in less time, making it even easier for them to get things like software updates or new video games without the frustration of waiting long periods for downloads to finish.