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Staying active keeps you fit, and staying fit helps keep you healthy. You could certainly wear anything to work out. However, having the proper attire will improve your experience. Not all athletic wear is creating equally, so follow a few tips to select the best.


Whether you’re looking for weightlifting, yoga, running, or tennis clothes, comfort is important. Make sure you select an outfit compatible with the weather and keep your required range of motion in mind, as well. You don’t want to overheat, freeze, get rained out, or constantly be adjusting your clothes. An ideal outfit will have features like stretchy fabric, small seems, and proper fit.


The fit of your clothes makes a big difference. It’s best to avoid oversized, bagging garments. While they may be cozy, you’ll risk having them in your way. Also, avoid overly tight clothing. It’s a great thought to plan ahead for future weight loss, but purchasing a size down from what you need can be detrimental to your workout. Ill-fitting clothing can lead to shorter sessions, poor form, and raw spots from rubbing.


The material your clothes are made out of makes a bigger difference than you may realize. Cotton is generally a great fabric but should be avoided when it comes to athletic wear. It absorbs your sweat and can quickly weigh you down. Cotton clothing doesn’t promote evaporation. Once you become sweaty, you will stay that way. Believe it or not, highly synthetic fabrics with rubber or plastic-based fibers exist. They are even worse option for athletics. They don’t allow your skin to breathe, which leads to overheating. Look for moisture-wicking materials like polypropylene instead. They’ll leave you feeling dry and comfortable. If you suffer from odorous athletic wear, look into anti-microbial materials.

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Depending on when and where you are working out, you need to be visible. Visibility is especially important if you’re most active at dawn, dusk, or nighttime. While you may be tempted to select basic black, you should fight the urge. Instead, choose bright colors and garments with reflective areas. When it comes to safety, athletic wear is more about functionality than fashion.


There are a lot of benefits associated with compression wear. It’s not just for major athletes. You can select from an assortment of garments like tights, shorts, shirts, socks, and sleeves. Not only is the compression comfortable, but it also brings more oxygen to your muscles. The result is reduced fatigue, fewer sore muscles, improved recovery, increased stamina, and more. However, compression clothing is only meant to be worn for short amounts of time.


Look for items that can be layered. It’s no secret that your body temperate rises the longer you’re active. Temperature variations are amplified if you spend a long period outside or live in a cooler climate. Stay comfortable by laying slightly larger items over each other. Don’t forget to add outerwear, a hat, and gloves as well.

There are many factors to consider when selecting athletic wear. Weigh your options, and purchase what’s best for you.