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Production of natural gas, oil, and other petrochemicals is incredibly important. These are how many people heat their homes, run their cars, and how businesses power their buildings. This makes things like oil incredibly valuable. At the same time, it means that snags or issues with products can be devastating, not just to the producer but the general public as well. Therefore, it’s always important to make sure that there are no issues in the production of oil and petrochemicals.

As time has gone on, it has become easier and easier to learn more about the production of oil. This includes using techniques like Gamma Scanning to find maintenance issues and repair them as quickly as possible.

What is Gamma Scanning?

Gamma Scanning uses ScanTech to identify different problems in the production of oil and petrochemicals. Essentially, it works by scanning towers for any problems in production. This helps to identify and fix the root cause of issues in the line of production. Furthermore, Gamma Scanning can show where new issues may be starting to form. This allows your maintenance team to get ahead of issues before they form.

Why Choose Gamma Scanning?

As a method, Gamma Scanning prevents costly shutdowns to the production of oil. It can tell maintenance workers where bottlenecks are forming, where displaced or damaged trays are located, liquid levels, where spills may be located, and the density of liquids in towers. Furthermore, if columns are scanned it can show damage in the beds, settling, and if there are any other issues that need to be fixed.

Besides being safe and accurate, these tower scans are non-invasive. This makes it much easier to continue production while you’re scanning the tower for issues, and it means that it takes less time to scan the tower. Furthermore, because this method of scanning gives a clear look at the density of the liquids inside, it’s safe to assume that the results from Gamma Scanning are as accurate as possible.

Finding a way to keep production going is incredibly important. After all, the amount of money that an oil company could be set to lose if production is halted is shocking. That’s why oil companies need to learn more about different maintenance methods and stay up to date on the benefits of products and services like Gamma Scanning. This way the lines of production will run as smoothly as possible.